Title: Are you Fed up of Being Scammed?

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How to avoid unnecessary pitfalls when buying Internet Marketing ebooks, software and resources. Identify the scammers and deceitful website owners.

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Noun: Scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.

Yes and it’s happening more and more every day on the Internet, and in particularly within the Internet Marketing arena. As an ever-growing population of Internet entrepreneurs search for ways to earn an honest living online, so the number of confidence tricksters grows and we hear more Gurus with ‘secrets’ to sell, more software that blasts your ads to a zillion websites, and even more promises of earning massive amounts of cash overnight.

In truth, Internet Marketing ‘Gurus’ never give anything away! End of story! Yet they seem to delight in showing you images of bank statements, Clickbank or Paypal statements or a couple of dozen references from supposedly delighted customers, all of which can be created with a little imagination and some good imagery software.

And don’t be fooled by the promise of an ‘iron-clad’ money back guarantee. Online business is a numbers game. There are only a small percentage of purchasers who will bother to ask for a refund and the scammers know that. Many will not even answer your email should you ask for your money back.

There is a website now that is determined to stamp on those that are offering crocks of **** for anything up to $100 a time, by naming and shaming those concerned. It has to be said at this time that not all profitable websites are a scam. So we guys at Internet Marketing Service are inviting you to send feedback on any Internet Marketing ebooks, software or resources you have laid out hard earned cash for. Your feedback is important! you can check out a range of the most popular of these Internet Marketing Ebooks Sofware and Resources, and see how the current feedback is reflected in the weekly updated guide.

Here are a few tips for those purchasing Internet Marketing ebooks, software or resources over the web.

1. Always make sure the salespage leaves no doubt in your mind as to exactly what you are buying. Is it an Internet Marketing Ebook tutorial? Is it Software? If you read the salespage and are still not sure, the chances are that is because the website owner fears that if you knew exactly what you were buying, then you wouldn’t buy it! So the site will be typically full of images of bank statements, a whole host of testimonials, and repeated sentences, often of outrageous claims which are then recinded in the earnings disclaimer which you will find via a tiny link somewhere on the page. A bone fida website will leave you in no doubt as to what you are getting for your money and not disguise anything

2. Dont be swayed by bonuses. Bonus offers are there in an effort to tempt you into buying a product, yet most bonuses can be downloaded free if you are prepared to look.. A quality product that is worth its weight, will sell on it’s own merit and not need bonus products to help sales.
Look at the product on sale. If you think it will help your Internet Marketing endeavours, then buy it!

3. Should you purchase a product that you consider not to be as described in the salespage, always ask for a refund. It is your entitlement if you are not 100% satisfied. Now some traders will not answer your emails when you complain or ask for a refund! At this point you will have no option than taking your complaint to the merchant who dealt with your credit card transaction. In most cases this will be either Clickbank or Paypal, but both have a satisfactory system in place for dealing with complaints.

Here is where our website, Internet Marketing Service can be of great use to you! We operate a simple star system to help you choose the product you are interested in. Then, if you are not totally happy with your purchase, We guarantee your money back, dealing with the claim for you, or guiding you through the process.We also ‘name and shame’ individuals or websites that are trying to get money from you using fraudulent or deceptive advertising. We at Internet Marketing Serevice are doing our utmost to fight the scammers! But we do need your help! Stop by and give us your support and let’s make the Internet a safer more reliable place to do business.

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